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lBuilding a website isn’t as hard as most might think. The internet offers many tools, most of them free, to help accomplish this.
Before we actually talk about building a site you will require a few things :
• A domain name – This the address of your web site with a www. prefix.
• Web site building software – Many are free
• Ftp software – This software enables you to upload your web site to your hosting provider. This is sometimes built into the web site building software.
• Hosting – This is where your web site files are stored on the Internet.
Just bear those things in mind as we go along.
Actually building a web site is not that difficult depending on its complexity. The first thing we need to know is whether the site is for business or pleasure. If your site is for pleasure then there is no need to rush and you can enjoy the experience, however, there are other considerations should you want to build a business web site which we will go into later.More.............

For the complete novice I would recommend visiting a site like “Go Daddy”. From this site you can organize everything you need. You can search for a domain name and register it. Once you have done this you will be offered hosting and site building facilities. This is like painting by numbers you really can not go wrong and you will have your site up and running in minutes.
Because I enjoy getting into the code of a web site I tend to build my sites from scratch usually using HTML or PHP. These are just computer languages or code and there are many tutorials on the Internet on how to get started if you would like to build a web site in this way.
I also have my own hosting facilities, its not expensive and I can host as many web sites as I wish, mine or other peoples.
Building your own site can really be as easy or complicated as you want to make it. If you really have an interest in it you will find masses of free information on the Internet for beginners.
Getting Started:
A domain name is what you will need before you can upload your site to the Internet; this is what your site is known as on the web and how people will find your site. You could have a top level domain name or TLD. TLD’s are good because they are generally short and easy to remember. TLD’s can be quite inexpensive, even for a dot com. If you are watching the pennies then you can get a sub-domain free through many hosting companies.
You will need some kind of site building software. Some are referred to as WYSIWYG this stands for “What you see is what you get”. This means that as you construct your site the software will display exactly how your site will appear as a live web site so construction is relatively easy. Basically you position and type your text and insert your images, when your happy upload to your host.
You will need somewhere for your web site to live. For this you will need hosting. Once you have completed building your site you will need to upload the files to your host’s server.
If it’s a business site you require then the bottom line is that you want to make some money. You have to ask yourself whether you can afford the time to build a web site when you could be drumming up trade it may be better to outsource it to a web designer. A web designer will make sure that your site looks professional as this is the impression you want to give your customers when visiting your site. Once you have your visitor you want to keep them interested and maybe they will buy something.

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