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AdSense Optimisation Tips

If you are a Google AdSense publisher wishing to optimise their earnings, then there are a few methods that may help you to increase your revenue. Firstly, this does not cover how to drive traffic, that is a completely different subject matter altogether.
OK, so firstly, possibly the most important thing to consider is placement. You'll be amazed how you can sometimes see a sudden jump in earnings if you're ads are placed strategically on the page. The key here is to have the ads displayed naturally with the content but without affecting the overall user experience and without making it look 'spammy'. Google has a 'heat map' which indicates where it thinks you should place your ads for optimal performance. It is often said time and time again that your ads should be displayed in between your article heading title and the main content.
The next thing is the ad format. We can start to talk about each and every ad format but let's just cut to the chase. Most people often say that the best ad that works for them is the 336 x 280 ad block. This is based on people from various forums and renowned internet marketers who continually test their sites.
The common misconception is that if you're ads are noticeable or very 'in your face' then people will click on them. This in most cases is actually contrary to this belief and it has often been proved that ads that are blended in with the colour scheme of your website, blog or forum tend to do better. So for example, ensure that your background colours, anchor links etc all match up to your website theme so it blends in and looks like part of the site content. If it doesn't your visitors may suffer from 'ad blindness'.
Number of Ads on a page
Nobody likes too many ads as it can be quite intrusive and like spam. Now some people will agree and some people will disagree but from personal experience I have found that only one 336 x 280 ad block can actually increase your revenue. How? Well think about it, if you were competing for ad space in an offline medium such as magazine which was highly sought after and which attracted lots of targeted readers, wouldn't you pay top dollar knowing that this was going to convert? It's pretty much the same concept here, if you have a quality a page which attracts the right type of traffic and limit the number of ad spots that are available then chances are that advertisers will be willing to pay top dollar for this space.
Ad Competitive filter
This is a tool which can definitely help you increase your earnings. Big players such as Amazon and eBay for example tend to bid for all kinds of keywords, and as a result can pay very little for these keywords. As an AdSense publisher this is something you do NOT want as this means potentially lower earnings. It is always a good idea to find sites by doing a search and adding these to the filter. Just be careful not to filter out high paying advertisers.
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