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K-Ninja - Fast Web Browser

4_kninja3.jpg The latest version of k ninja samurai the K-Ninja offering faster internet browsing and low computer memory requirement. Even though it is less common today, but some people is still suffering with limited RAM on their computer and for this computer a RAM eater’s software is likely to be avoided. For Internet browser Mozilla Firefox is the best browser on earth at the moment, amid the fact that it’s a memory eater. It can occupied your RAM easily especially when you open many tabs at the same time. Therefore Firefox is less suitable for computer with limited RAM.

Fortunately you can use K-Ninja Samurai as Firefox alternative. K-Ninja Samurai is a compact, fast and adaptable freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows. It is build on the Gecko Rendering Engine (Mozilla) and is lightweight, fast and secure. Now the latest release is K-Ninja

K-Ninja Samurai Features:

  • Rendering Engine - K-Ninja v2.1.4.5 utilizes the latest SeaMonkey/Gecko Rendering Engine release: v1.8.1.2. It is a fast, secure rendering engine which supports most current Web Standards (HTML 4.0, CSS, XHTML etc.).
  • Tabs - K-Ninja has tabbed browsing, which we call “Layers”. New layers can be opened and closed with the Open & Close Layers buttons.
  • Compact Menu - to increase viewing space, the menu which is normally located at the top of the screen is available in K-Ninja via the Preferences button, by right-clicking on it.
  • Pop-up Blocker - Enabled by default, K-Ninja will block most if not all pop-ups. The pop-up blocker can be enabled/disabled via the Preferences button.
  • Integrated Search - just type a search term/word into the address bar, and click on the Search button. Results are then delivered via Google.
  • RSS Support - the Aggreg8 RSS Reader is included with K-Ninja. It can be accessed via the Compact Menu (right-click on the Preferences button).
  • Mouse Gestures - the mouse gestures plugin is included. To use simply right-click, hold the mouse button and then drag the cursor either right (to go back a page) or left (to go forward).
  • Translate a Page - simply right-clicking on a webpage will provide you with a menu to translate a page from one language to another.
  • Safe Recovery - Requires manually selecting the Open Last Session Feature.
  • Unique Speed Settings - K-Ninja is by default optimized for fast connections, and these speed settings can now be toggled in case you are on dial-up.
  • Mozilla ActiveX Control support included for Media Player functionality on streaming and embedded multimedia content.
  • Flashblock extension - this can be enabled/disabled via the Compact Menu. Once enabled Flash animations will be deactivated on the webpages you are viewing.
  • Quicknote extension - this is a handy little note-taking utility included in K-Ninja for those who like to take/transcribe notes or copy & paste text whilst browsing.
  • Extremely lightweight STP MP3 Player included (200kb). When run an icon for STP will appear in your System Tray. Right click on the icon for options or to play an MP3 or CD whilst browsing.
  • Includes additional Web Search engines including MultiSearch: enter a search term and the results will be delivered via 6 popular search engines including Google (100 results per page), MSN, All The Web, Google Images, & Gigablast.
  • URL Shortcut Hotkeys now implemented.
  • Built in macro language.
  • Unique themes & skins.
  • Even more privacy options available via the Compact Menu. It will provide you with an array of options to enable/disable any “features” that you don´t want running on a webpage before you view it (like Java, Javascript etc).

In my test, I run K-Ninja Samurai side by side with Mozilla Firefox and both was opening 7 tabs from different URLs. When I looked at my computer resources statistic, Firefox use 250 Mbytes of my RAM and K-Ninja only use 45 MBytes of my total RAM. What a memory saver with sleek and ninja’s fast performance.Download K Ninja

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